Let’s be honest. Eating healthy food has gotten a bad rap for a long time. We were sick of that. So we made it really good instead. Problem solved.

SWIL’S has been delivering uniquely delicious fuel since we opened in 2011. Our goal is to not only provide a superior guestomer experience at an unbeatable price, but we think you’ll have the most fun dining with us. (We think we’re pretty funny.)


WIL LAWSON, our beloved CEO/Founder, Owner, Co-owner, Regional Manager and Assistant to the Regional Manager, has over 21 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Not only can his work history legally drink at work (it won’t, it’s ok), but that means he probably has more experience cooking, grilling and blending than your car has been made… and you trust that with your life everyday. So, he knows his stuff. He is passionate about exceeding your expectations with all things health related. Plus, his wife thinks he’s super hot. 🙂

We love our guestomers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our contact page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. But. Mainly what we’re doing right.